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MORDHAU gamers criticize the ballet steps noticed within the recreation.


Once you consider medieval battles, you mechanically consider heavy armor items, heavy swords, and slow-motion actions. .

Plainly MORDHAU's builders don’t share this imaginative and prescient. Usually, the mechanics of the sport are very unusual, relying on the gamers. Characters wearing heavy armor can leap as much as half a meter and carry deadly blows to their enemies.

Many gamers have criticized Triternion for implementing such unusual recreation mechanics. Right here's a person that describes this downside:

Very upset by the ballet and circus that happen within the recreation! The character wearing heavy armor jumps to half a meter and assaults from above! This isn’t the case! It's FU * Okay * NG MEDIEVAL fencing, it's NOT an athletics competitors! Please do a leap or an assault! Make a distinction! […] What is occurring now’s absurd from FU * Okay * NG! The participant takes a halberd, a heavy armor and jumps the ball! What is that this idiocy ?! I don’t wish to play FU * Okay * NG ConterStrike!

As you’ll be able to see, characters sporting heavy armor are in a position to attain a excessive pace, which isn’t what ought to usually occur.

Some gamers even stated that they’d the impression that their characters may do gymnastics in full plate armor. The load couldn’t intrude with the actions and pace of the character.

In fact, sporting heavy armor doesn’t imply that your character has to maneuver in gradual movement. Nonetheless, many gamers consider that the sport mechanics ought to be modified to higher present the impact of heavy armor on the wearer.

Yours now: What do you consider MORDHAU? mechanics, usually, and the fight mechanics of the sport particularly? Tell us within the feedback under.

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